Special Services

In this highly competitive job market, what are the most important skills to have as a professional? What will ensure that some of us will get ahead and get the recognition and rewards they deserve? What will differentiate someone from the rest of the pack, help them get the perfect job, earn promotions and pay raises?

Logically speaking to get the perfect job you need a good repertoire of your technical skills… IT candidates need to have a thorough knowledge of the software they specialise in , Engineers need to know machines and their Production/ Manufacturing/ Maintenance information, Business Development Managers need selling skills and a good client database

However when technical skills are equivalent across potential candidates what will tip the choice for one candidate against the other? Well, technical skills might just get the foot in the door like being eligible to apply for a position, however it would be your CV quality, interview skills and soft skills that would open most of the doors to come like getting selected for the job.

Traditionally, most people don’t receive adequate guidance during their formal education to write a top class CV and the importance of interview and soft skills is often undervalued, even families often fail to instil the confidence, the values and the social skills required to have a successful career and life. That’s why experts like us are required to help you build a great career path, getting closer and closer to all that you aspire. To equip you with these crucial skills we will talk to you in detail, evaluate the areas we need to focus on for you and then guide you on how can you demonstrate these skills which just might be the leap you are waiting for to get closer your dream job.

We offer:

1) RESUME WRITING – we can give you that unique resume which will speak for you best and get you shortlisted. We, being in the recruitment field since 2006 know what employers seek
We offer 2 types of CV writing services –

• STANDARD CV: is the basic one which will take around 3 to 4 working days to get ready
• EXPRESS CV: will be sent to you in just 24 hrs if your need is URGENT.

2) OUR INTERVIEW SOFT SKILLS TRAINING – Our module will be in 3 sessions.

• Session one will give you interview tips for different modes of interview- Telephonic, Skype/VC , personal round with panel, and HR round. The session will cover do’s and don’ts while offering valuable tips to face difficult questions. We will also cover many behavioural questions asked by interviewers which need prior preparation. We will send these questions by email to you.
• Session two—This session will concentrate on soft skills required to secure a good job opportunity, and also plays a vital role in promotions. Nowadays it is the combination of hard (technical) skills coupled with soft skills which get you the job or a promotion..
• Session three- This is a mock interview session where we will play the role of the potential employer and you the candidate and we shall expose you to questions you might face in a real interview. This session will not only give you exposure to face an interview, it will boost your confidence levels to new heights.